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Past Exhibition --> February, 2012 , October, 2011 , November, 2010
Past Exhibition --> 23-February-2012 to 29-February-2012 (Santosh Maravi) VIEW WORKS
Durga Bai
Man Singh
Ramesh Tekam
Rajendra Shyam
Subhash Vyam
Santosh Maravi
Suresh Durve
About the Santosh Maravi

Santosh Maravi is an upcoming artist, who has apprenticed under Maynak Jangarh Shyam.Born on 1st August 1983, Santosh has a passion and drive to create abstract imagery far different from the typical Gond tribal art.His imagination showcases his talent.He uses the pattern of glass of the oil lantern as his signature motif.He has participated in a few workshops organized by the Government of Madhya Pradesh.