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We are a socially responsible business enterprise that strikes a harmonious balance between profit-making activities and initiatives aimed at benefiting tribal societies.

Our primary focus lies in the welfare of tribal artisans and the advancement of handicrafts. Acting as a vital link, we connect India’s rich tribal art and craft heritage with collaborators and potential buyers.
Our dedication to training and skill development is evident through the organization of workshops and design intervention programs. These initiatives aim to enhance the artistic skills of our talented artists, while we also prioritize product development and effective marketing strategies.

To ensure the authenticity and credibility of our products, we proudly hold certification from Craftmark, an esteemed authority that identifies genuine Indian hand-crafted items.

Craftmark establishes industry-wide, process-specific standards and norms to label products as hand-made, while also raising consumer awareness about the distinct handicraft traditions they represent.

As a Craftmark licensee, we join hands with artisan organizations, craft-based businesses, cooperatives, and NGOs, utilizing the Craftmark seal on our products with pride.

Learn more about Craftmark at http://www.craftmark.org/.

We strive to provide cultural exposure to our artists by organizing both national and international exhibitions and workshops.

Furthermore, we are affiliated with the French NGO “Duppata,” which is dedicated to empowering women in India. Each year, Duppata organises a month-long cultural event featuring various exhibitions of tribal paintings from India in different parts of France.

As part of this event, tribal artists are invited to stay in France, where they showcase their art and culture, fostering cross-cultural exchange and appreciation.

At the core of our organization stands a passionate founder, committed to making a positive impact on tribal societies and preserving their artistic heritage.



Padmaja Srivastava

Padmaja’s journey in the world of art and culture began in Pune, where she completed her Bachelor of Architecture at Pune University. After relocating to Bhopal in 1995, she established her architectural practice alongside her husband, Deepak Srivastava. Together, they embarked on designing wilderness lodges in proximity to prominent Tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh. It was during this creative process that Padmaja encountered numerous folk artists and artisans, which ignited her passion for championing their cause and becoming a dedicated advocate for the tribes of India, particularly the Pardhan Gonds of central India.Motivated by her deep connection to these communities, Padmaja took on the role of a full-time promoter and activist.

Over the years, she has organized and curated captivating shows in Pune, Goa, Bombay, and even internationally.

Her initiatives include conducting workshops at prestigious educational institutions like Welham Girls School in Dehradun and The Doon School in Dehradun to foster awareness and appreciation for this unique art form among young and creative minds.

Additionally, she regularly conducts workshops for The Rachna College for Applied Arts Mumbai for aspiring students, while also facilitating numerous workshops for adults throughout the year.
Padmaja’s tireless efforts to showcase the works of various folk artists have garnered international recognition. For six consecutive years (2012-2016 and 2021), she showcased these extraordinary artworks at the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, thereby introducing this rich artistic heritage to a global audience.
In May 2013, she delivered a presentation on the distinct “Jangarh Kalam” genre of art at the Galerie Andre Hus in Paris, France. Furthermore, she was invited as a keynote speaker by the Indian Embassy in Paris in April 2014 to present four talented tribal women artists from central India.Padmaja’s commitment to promoting art extends beyond exhibitions.
In 2015, she co-authored a children’s book in French titled “L’Elephant Volant.”
Additionally, she collaborates with Duppata, an NGO based in France, to support women’s empowerment in India. Through this collaboration, Padmaja facilitates annual exhibitions of Gond, Warli, Madhubani, and Bhil art in France.
Notably, she collaborated with the Beatrice Wood Center for Arts in California to exhibit Gond paintings in May 2017.Padmaja’s advocacy extends to diverse art forms and tribes.
In 2019, she organized exhibitions showcasing the art of the Baiga tribe in Milan Italy, and Paris France.
She has also collaborated with Starbucks, the renowned American multinational coffee company, to provide a platform for Gond artists in one of their coffee shops.
Moreover, she partnered with Exim Bank of India to organize a Product Development Workshop, leading to the creation of an exclusive range of hand-painted products in collaboration with tribal artists.
Furthermore, Padmaja has lent her creative expertise to collaborate with Ogilvy and Mather on several projects. Together, they produced a book on children’s traffic rules for automobile company BMW and created packaging designs with traditional Indian art for Hundred Pipers Whisky under their Legacy project, a brand under the French company Pernod Ricard.In the realm of curation,
Padmaja has left an indelible mark. She co-curated folk and tribal art for the Samsung Frame T.V, in collaboration with Floating Canvas and Company. Additionally, she co curated a captivating 3D immersive art experience with Padmashree Artist Durgabai Vyam and Floating Canvas for the Mumbai Festival of Lights in 2022.
Padmaja’s unwavering dedication to promoting this unique art form has garnered attention and recognition. She has been featured in various newspapers and national publications, including Business Today and Women’s Era. Currently, Padmaja is working on two books: “Tattoo Art of Central India” and another children’s book, which will be illustrated by a Gond artist.
Through these endeavors, she continues to celebrate and elevate the artistic legacy of India’s tribes while creating bridges between traditional art and the contemporary world.

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